Genuine Wrestleboys

61: Jonathan Failure Thomas

Esai and Jenna are back from ALL IN! Things start with Macho Man impressions and end with, well, still Macho Man impressions, but also the Braun Strowman/Garfield crossover nobody was asking for and even some non-Rey Mysterio P.O.D. talk!

In between, the 'boys and Jenna talk the weird but somewhat unsubstantial week on RAW and SmackDown, the post-Takeover rebuilding of NXT storylines, and the FANTASTIC first episode of the 2018 Mae Young Classic Tournament!

Speaking of classics, we also get through the semi-final round The 2018 Wrestleboys Classic Tournament and have our finals now set! The matchups this week are: Kenny Omega vs. Daniel Bryan AND Johnny Gargano vs. Eddie Guerrero!

Happy Rusev Day!

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